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Mar. 15th, 2011



Announcing our first round of guests!

Ai-Kon is happy to announce it’s first round of guests, Greg Ayres and Eric Vale!

Greg Ayres
Greg Ayres has been a guest at Ai-Kon for 2007, 2008, 2010, and will be returning this year for Ai-Kon 2011! The once “Fanboy” turned VA started working in anime a little over six years ago, and within the first two years managed to snag two of his favorite roles in all of anime. He was thrilled to voice the role of his favorite character Son Goku in Saiyuki. Then just one year later voiced Kaworu Nagisa in the director’s cut of Neon Genesis Evangelion. Other roles include Chrono in Chrono Crusade, Negi Springfield in Negima, Heihachi in Samurai 7, Jr. in Xenosaga: The Animation, Satoshi Hiwatari in DNAngel, Pope Alessandro XVIII in Trinity Blood, Tsuyoshi in Kodocha, Leo in Ghost Stories, Tsujido in Speed Grapher, and Gau Ban in Shadow Skill. He can also be heard in other anime titles such as Super Gals, Spiral, Macross, Mythical Detective Loki, Burst Angel, Gravion, Godanner, Pretear, Full Metal Panic, E’s Otherwise and a whole lot more.

Eric Vale
Eric Vale is going to take over the world. Actually, he’s just an actor who has spent a lot of time under lock and key in sound booths voicing anime characters such as Trunks in Dragon Ball Z, Sanji in One Piece, Yuki in Fruits Basket, Kymblee in Fullmetal Alchemist, and America in Hetalia among many others. Eric has also spent time as an ADR director in addition to scripting over fifty anime programs as Head Writer with FUNimation Productions. Outside of the world of anime, Eric has written, produced, and directed three short films, written stories (published), screenplays (sold but unproduced), and acted in film and TV. As you can see, one should not trifle with Eric Vale. On the weekends he travels back in time to right the wrongs of the past, builds playgrounds for children, repairs ancient churches in Europe, and crafts your destiny with his buddies the Illuminati.

Jan. 1st, 2011

winter moon


Happy New Year!

Only two weeks until The Ai-Kon Winter Festival!

Nov. 13th, 2010



Tickets for Ai-Kon's Winter Festival On Sale November 15

Tickets for Ai-Kon's Winter Festival On Sale November 15 through Ticketmaster!

Nov. 3rd, 2010



Ai-Kon Winter Festival!

Just what you folks need to fend off the post-Christmas blues. In celebration of our 10th year of gathering anime fans from Winnipeg and beyond, we're going to be holding another event in early 2011 to give you a chance to have fun and catch up with all the cool people you may have met during Ai-Kon!

The Ai-Kon Winter Festival is a single day event that will be taking place on Saturday, January 15, 2011. While being smaller than our main event, we'll be running some of the awesome things we typically run during the summer; from the 'Set Your Own Schedule' viewing room, to a room filled with your favourite local vendors and artists.

The Ai-Kon Winter Festival will be located at our familiar stomping grounds at the Winnipeg Convention Center on 375 York Avenue.

By day (10am - 7pm), continue your holiday shopping with the vendors and artists. We'll have one room dedicated to viewing anime shows. You'll have the power to 'set your own schedule' by voting for what you want to see. There will also be a hallway cosplay contest, and of course you can hang out with friends and fellow attendees!

By night (8pm - midnight), tables are put away and the floors are cleared for the Winter Festival dance!

Tickets will be priced at $18 (plus taxes and agency fees). For those who picked up flyers at C4, ticket sale date is listed as November 1. Unfortunately at this time, we are still confirming this date. We will announce on the website and forums as soon as we can in regards to when the tickets are available for sale.

Be sure to keep an eye out on the website and forums for updated news as the event approaches.

We hope to see you there to enjoy this exciting new event with us!

Oct. 25th, 2010



Ai-Kon 2011 Announces Mascot Contest!

WINNIPEG, MB - October 17, 2010 - Ai-Kon is looking for a new design for Aiko, the Ai-Kon mascot, for use on the convention's promotional materials and merchandise.

The theme for Aiko 2011 will be Celebration in recognition of this being Ai-Kon's 10 year anniversary. The theme was selected based upon suggestions on the forums and by the Ai-Kon committee. If you require further information on the selection, or on what we're looking for from the theme "celebration" please contact art@ai-kon.org.

Contest Rules and Requirements:

Entries must be full-body images, with no background.

Images should contain the subtle integration of the number 10 (It should be noticeable but not have any predominance over the image, as Aiko should be the focus of the piece).

Images featuring poses, outfits and/or hair styles of copyrighted characters, or copyrighted characters themselves, will not be accepted.

No adult-themed images will be accepted. This will be at the discretion of Ai-Kon executives. Please ensure entries are suitable for all ages.

A maximum limit of three entries per person will be accepted. Please note; all entries should be individual and not adjustments to an earlier entry.

Entries must be full-colour, 300 dpi resolution and submitted electronically in JPEG or PSD format. A smaller version of your entry may by submitted for judging as long as a higher resolution version is available.

You may also post artwork to your own web site, DeviantART account, or other hosting service and e-mail us the URL.

Do not use a watermark on your submission.

When submitting entries, please use the following naming format for your file: firstname_lastname_01.jpg (or PDF). If you are submitting more than one entry, please number them appropriately (i.e: firstname_lastname_02.jpg, firstname_lastname_03.jpg, etc.).

How to enter:

E-mail entries to art@ai-kon.org. The following information must be included with your entry:
In the subject line of your submission e-mail please list and "Ai-kon Mascot". (Ex Jane Doe- Ai-Kon Mascot)
-In subject, please list your real name, and Ai-Kon Mascot
-Your real first and last name
-Your artist nickname (if you use one)
-Your e-mail address (the one you use)
-Your telephone number

Participants will receive a confirmation e-mail within a week of submission. Entries must be received no later than Saturday, January 22, 2011 at 11:59pm and will be judged by Ai-Kon executives. The winning entry will be announced on or before Sunday, January 29, 2011.

All entries and rights to the images become property of Ai-Kon.

Winner: a free art table, a weekend pass to Ai-Kon 2011, and an Ai-Kon 2011 t-shirt.
The winning entry will be used for Ai-Kon 2011 promotional materials and merchandise.
There are two runner-ups.
Runner-up: A free half art table at and a week-end pass to Ai-Kon 2011.

Ai-Kon 2011 is scheduled for July 15-17, 2011 at the Winnipeg Convention Centre.

Good luck to all entries!

ABOUT AI-KON: Ai-Kon (http://www.ai-kon.org) is Manitoba's largest anime convention. An all-ages event, the goal of Ai-Kon is the promotion of Japanese/Asian animation and culture to the public. Started in 2001 by a local anime club, Ai-Kon took a reorganizing hiatus in 2002, returning in 2003 to become an autonomous event, run by an independent volunteer committee. "Ai" means "love" in Japanese, hence Ai-Kon's slogan "For the Love of Anime".