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lunachilde in aikonwinnipeg

Ai-Kon Winter Festival!

Just what you folks need to fend off the post-Christmas blues. In celebration of our 10th year of gathering anime fans from Winnipeg and beyond, we're going to be holding another event in early 2011 to give you a chance to have fun and catch up with all the cool people you may have met during Ai-Kon!

The Ai-Kon Winter Festival is a single day event that will be taking place on Saturday, January 15, 2011. While being smaller than our main event, we'll be running some of the awesome things we typically run during the summer; from the 'Set Your Own Schedule' viewing room, to a room filled with your favourite local vendors and artists.

The Ai-Kon Winter Festival will be located at our familiar stomping grounds at the Winnipeg Convention Center on 375 York Avenue.

By day (10am - 7pm), continue your holiday shopping with the vendors and artists. We'll have one room dedicated to viewing anime shows. You'll have the power to 'set your own schedule' by voting for what you want to see. There will also be a hallway cosplay contest, and of course you can hang out with friends and fellow attendees!

By night (8pm - midnight), tables are put away and the floors are cleared for the Winter Festival dance!

Tickets will be priced at $18 (plus taxes and agency fees). For those who picked up flyers at C4, ticket sale date is listed as November 1. Unfortunately at this time, we are still confirming this date. We will announce on the website and forums as soon as we can in regards to when the tickets are available for sale.

Be sure to keep an eye out on the website and forums for updated news as the event approaches.

We hope to see you there to enjoy this exciting new event with us!


March 2011

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